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About Sunsari Youth Club

Sunsari Youth Club was founded in April 2014 by a group of dedicated women and men with the vision of providing youth an opportunity to participate in various sports and training programs not only to strengthen their physical bodies but also minds.

Youth Club is a registered non-profit organization with an aim to engage youth in various sporting activities such as cricket, football, volleyball and handball. The club also provides training to these youth so they can be able to participate in different competitions of their choice.

The club has a membership of around 160 youth from different areas in Sunsari district. These youth are provided with an opportunity to form their own teams and participate in the various competitions organized by Youth Club. The club also provides them with kits so they can play competitively without any financial burden.


Words From Chairman

On behalf of The Sunsari Youth, welcome to the new our website which, it is hoped, you will find interesting, informative and easy to navigate. For those who have been frequent member of the Sunsari Youth Club in the past, it is hoped that you will appreciate our effort. Our Main Objectives are :

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First Night Game

First night game in Bhokraha, Sunsari was held few days back which was really cool . Audience really enjoyed each and every moments. I loved shooting the game in my cameras. - Sunsari Youth Club